INSTRUCT interventions

The INSTRUCT trial tests the impact on HIV rates among young women of a set of three interventions, implemented initially across five districts.

Focused workshopsFocused workshops for vulnerable young women (not in work and not in school) to build their self-esteem and communication skills, and put them in touch with officers of government structural support programmes, to help them access and benefit from these programmes.




Working with government support programmesWorking with government support programmes to help to re-focus the programmes to become more accessible for vulnerable young women.




Beyond Victims and VillainsBeyond Victims and Villains is an audio-drama discussed with schools and with groups of all ages and both sexes in communities throughout each intervention district. It attempts to build an enabling environment for young women in the communities to change and make protective choices. The eight episodes cover topics including gender roles, gender violence, transactional sex, choice disability and how these relate to HIV risk in Botswana